What We Do – The Baco / Che-Na-Wah Bazaar Foundation

What We Do

Inspiring Children to Give Back

We aim to inspire children to want to give back to their community. We realize this goal through the Baco/Che-Na-Wah Bazaar Foundation with our summer special event, the Baco/Che-Na-Wah Bazaar. One of every summer’s highlights, the Bazaar is a special day devoted to fun, games and fundraising.

Campers help to raise funds that are distributed to dozens of charities focusing on children and needy individuals. In 2012, we proudly raised and distributed over $50,000 to more than 60 charities.

A Full Day of Fun & Games

Our oldest campers take pride in running the Bazaar, which is an old-fashioned carnival. Planning begins well before the start of our summer. They solicit donations, design and produce Bazaar paraphernalia.

Campers help determine a list of needy causes and stage-manage the building of famous booths like “The Marriage Chapel, and the ever popular “Dunk the Counselor.”

Along with the fun, our campers never lose sight of the Bazaar Foundation’s purpose, to help those who need it most. We’ve been helping the needy since our camps’ founding. It’s a lesson that stays with the campers throughout the year.

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